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Our clients are our greatest ambassadors. In a spirit of partnership, we work with them to build health & well-being projects that transform their employees' daily lives.

Organization of the QWL Week 2022
5 days of well-being workshops and conferences

Number of employees: 2500
Locations: Paris and Valence

Client's challenge

After signing a QWL agreement with the employee representatives, Amundi wanted to make its Quality of Life and Working Conditions commitments tangible.

Following a comprehensive Health Diagnosis carried out in collaboration with Akayogi, Amundi asked us to organize its 1st Annual QWL Week, demonstrating their commitment to becoming a recognized player in the field of social innovation.

Our solutions

  • A Health Diagnosis to identify priority needs in terms of health and quality of life at work
  • An interactive event featuring 2 conferences, 25 hands-on workshops (movement, nutrition, posture, eye health, soft skills), and enjoyable activities (massage, juice bike)
  • An online platform implemented for easy remote access any time, anywhere to registration, key communication and core content (workshops and conference replays)
  • Coordination and management of speakers, workshops, conferences, communication design and handling, quantitative and qualitative assessment


  • 180 workshop and conference participants
  • 98% satisfaction rate

"The teams provided an incredible variety of workshops."
"Perfect! Keep it up, can't wait for next year!"

We chose Akayogi to design and organize our first QWL Week in June 2022.

Thanks to a rich and original program of both face-to-face and remote events, the team at Akayogi has helped us embody our social innovation approach.

Their constant support and genuine human qualities made this first edition a real success.

Aurélie Girardin
Occupational Health Coordinator, Amundi France

Volkswagen Group France

Organization of the Very Good Feeling Week
5 days of well-being workshops and conferences at the manufacturer's 2 sites in France

Number of employees: 1000
Locations: Roissy-en-France & Villers-Cotterêts

Client's challenge

Volkwagen Group France wanted experts to orchestrate a high-impact, in-house event focused on preventative measures to protect employees' health and QWL, that could be held every year to bolster their employer brand and onboard new recruits.

Our solutions

● Organization of 9 conferences and 32 workshops at the Group's 2 key locations in France
● Creation of a dedicated website (workshop registration, videos, replays)
● Internal diagnosis, report and recommendations

  • 104 workshop and conference participants
  • 96% satisfaction rate

"Excellent initiative and organization. Well done!"

"I attended out of personal interest but also to gauge the potential for using the tips and techniques at a managerial level."

"It provided actionable tools to organize my professional and personal life."

Using an approach suitable for everyone, the team at Akayogi was able to provide employees with simple physical and breathing exercises whose measurable impacts were felt within 3 months. This anticipated weekly well-being interlude created real moments of togetherness and triggered excellent group dynamics among participants.

Christelle Peltier, VW
Christelle Peltier
Occupational Health Nurse

Enedis GRDF

Organization of the Health Forum 2020, 2021 and 2022
Production of series of workshops and interactive webinars

Number of employees: 2500

Client's challenge

As part of the annual Health Forum event, Enedis wanted to give its teams a fresh and original perspective on occupational health and injury/illness prevention through both face-to-face and remote workshops all across France.

Our solutions

● Organization of face-to-face and remote interactive workshops (Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes and Paris)
● Production of educational videos hosted by our experts
● Communication, surveys, reporting

  • 1,699 participants out of a workforce of 2,500 (68%)

I called on Akayogi to help organize part of the group's Health Forums. My goal was to provide the teams with a fun and effective experience to give them actionable keys to act on their well-being and their health on a daily basis. I am very satisfied with their service both in terms of content and quality of organization.

Christian Popczyk
Health and Safety Prevention Manager

Banque Populaire Rives de Paris

Organization of QWL Week 2021
4 days of well-being workshops and conferences

Number of employees: 2500

Client's challenge

On the occasion of the 2021 QWL Week, Banque Populaire Rives de Paris wanted to rally its teams around the impact that personal well-being has on other members of their teams.

Our solutions

● Organization of 4 webinars on health and well-being
● Creation of a dedicated website (workshop registration, videos, replays)
● Internal diagnosis, report and recommendations


545 participants (20% of the workforce)

We called on Akayogi to organize our QWL Week in 2021. With 360° support and a real ability to deliver smart solutions tailored to our needs, the team at Akayogi made this QWL Week a real hit!

Despite the online format of the webinars, their experts were able to establish a close relationship with the participants, which generated genuine support from our teams.

Amandine Perrot
Personnel and Social Relations Director
Banque Populaire Rives de Paris

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